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Bing has a market share of ~4% in Australia and significantly more in the United States. If you are running Google Ads already, it might be worth expanding your reach by advertising on the Microsoft and Bing advertising network.

With years of experience in managing Microsoft Advertising campaigns for different types of advertisers, Vazooky Digital can provide you with the quality, experience and support needed to make your campaigns profitable and scalable.

Should you advertise on Bing?

This really depends on the type of advertiser that you are.

For large advertisers that are targeting worldwide, this is a no-brainer. Yes, you should be advertising on Bing.

Especially in the United States Bing has a decent market share and can offer you more search volume. Combined with the lower average cost per click you’re likely to get conversions for a lower cost as when using Google AdWords.

For regional advertisers within Australia, I would hold off on this, depending on the knowledge you have in-house. Unless you reached your limits with Google AdWords already, there’s no point in managing another search advertising platform.

Because of the low market share of Bing Ads in Australia, the number of clicks and conversions you’d be able to get remains low.

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Vazooky digital has been supporting us for 6 months now, and has made some impressive inroads into driving CPA’s down, whilst increasing and growing our reach across the industry.

Nick W., Founder & CEO of Checked Australia

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