Google Tag Manager.

Improve your website tag management. Hire an experienced GTM consultant today and get cleaner data to analyse.

As a Google Tag Manager (GTM) specialist, Vazooky Digital helps businesses to get more results out of their website. With years of experience in data-driven digital marketing, Vazooky Digital can help you to improve your tag management and speed up your website.

About Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool that makes it easier to add and update tracking tags within your website. 

With GTM you can manage your website tags without needing to update your website code every single time. Setting up GTM will have a positive impact on your website and is a must-have for every business.

  • Speed up your website by cleaning up your website code.
  • Reduce your web developer time and cost.
  • Add codes for Google Analytics, Google Ads, FB Ads etc.
  • Make updating and adding tracking tags a piece of cake.

If you need help with Google Tag Manager, feel free to reach out.

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  • One clear up-front fee for the setup of your tracking, so there will be no surprises.
  • Years of experience in data-driven digital marketing for a large range of businesses.
  • You own the GTM account and all the data is yours and yours only.
  • Need just a little fix? Happy to help you on your way, free of charge.
  • No bull-shit, you will have a direct line to the specialist that works on your account.
  • No locked-in contracts. As high-quality work should be enough to keep you around.

Google Tag Manager specialist.

“Working with Vazooky Digital has been a game-changer. Adwords can be like a casino that draws you in, encouraging you to spend more and more with the premise of large returns.

The industry is filled with self-acclaimed experts, who are helping you drain your budget even faster. If only we’d come across Vazooky Digital earlier.

Jeroen takes a cool, analytical approach to digital marketing that’s much needed. All our spend is now based on his advice, not Google’s!”

“Vazooky Digital were instrumental in the growth of TidyMe.

I worked with Jeroen directly who built out our Google Ads campaigns which continued to deliver success month on month in decreasing CAC’s and increasing CTR’s. Couldn’t recommend highly enough!”

“Jeroen has an uncanny ability to understand and execute efficient SEM campaigns. Whether that’s driving top line growth and aiming for profitability.

Jeroen has a superior understanding of everything search – campaign management, tracking and analytics, landing pages and conversion rate optimisation. A real search superstar.”

“Jeroen is a brilliant digital marketer with a gift for driving high quality leads.

He’s a pleasure to work with, extremely proactive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

“Vazooky digital has been supporting us for 6 months now, and has made some impressive inroads into driving CPA’s down, whilst increasing and growing our reach across the industry.

The quick responses, direct 1:1 relationship with Jeroen really make a difference when it comes to only having to discuss things once and they get done.”

“Working with Jeroen over the last 12 months has been a great experience. He is a pleasure to work alongside and has delivered significant results within our online advertising activity in a short space of time.

He has been instrumental in our success this year.”

“Love working with Jeroen.

Super quick with set-up, very easy going, very knowledgeable and has helped grow our account to over 100 conversions a month!”

“Jeroen has been managing our Google Ads and Facebook advertising accounts for nearly a year now.

We’ve seen a solid improvement in our cost per conversion (dropping around 50% across the board), as well as a host of new and innovative ideas that have helped us open up the business.

He’s proactive and diligent, and always just a phone call away.”

“We engaged and then signed on with Vazooky Digital based on a reference from one of our supply partners and it’s been one the best decisions we have made for the digital marketing of our business. Jeroen set up our online Google campaign from scratch and continues to manage the campaigns on a monthly basis, our sales and conversion growth has exceeded our expectations.

Jeroen takes an analytical approach and provides a first-class personal service and is always available to help.”

“I have found Jeroen to be extremely professional since my first point of contact. Jeroen understood what I hoped to achieve and advised me accordingly as to how those targets could be met. He has incredible knowledge of Google Adwords targeting and takes a nuanced approached to fine-tuning campaigns and ascertain maximum returns with minimal expenditure.

There are a lot of cowboys in this field (and I’ve been stung by a few) but Jeroen is true to his word, diligent and executes every campaign with fantastic foresight and expertise.”

“After tinkering with Google Adwords for years we finally decided we should seek an expert to help us.

Jeroen took the time to understand our goals and was quickly able to optimize all of our existing AdWords efforts. It was like he flicked a switch, the leads went from 10 per day to 40 per day in no time! Jeroen is very responsive, he keeps us informed, and is a godsend, to be honest.

Investing in Jeroen’s help has increased our profits well beyond any cost involved. The only thing I regret is not starting to work with Jeroen sooner!”

“Jeroen overhauled our Google campaigns, and added a level of sophistication and ongoing optimisation that that has elevated our performance and allowed us to stay competitive across a range of campaigns.”

“Jeroen has provided a great service, identifying key issues in my campaigns and following up on rectifying them. In the first 3 months my cost per click and cost per conversion has dropped by two thirds which has saved money.

Thanks for your expert service, I definitely recommend using Jeroen.”

“We have been working with Jeroen for a number of years and have been very impressed with his knowledge and support for our Adwords campaigns. His level of detail and responsiveness is exceptional, highly recommended.”

“We couldn’t have been more impressed with Jeroen and his services.

From the outset he has been efficient, professional and responsive to all our requests. He works closely with us to ensure we maximise our Google budget. He is diligent in his follow ups and replies. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeroen and his services to any business”

“It has been a real pleasure working with Jeroen, his dedication to serving his customers is a breath of fresh air in an era of mostly being treated as just another number, this is certainly not the case with Jeroen.

His prompt reply to any questions is excellent, with clear advice on what steps are necessary to make advertising with Google efficient and profitable. We also love the conversion tracker that he built for us, and have no hesitancy to recommend Jeroen & Vazooky Digital.”

“Vazooky Digital and Jeroen are exceptional Google Ads specialists! Their expertise and strategic approach significantly boosted our campaign performance.

Results speak for themselves – highly recommend their services!”

Highly recommend Jeroen at Vazooky. He made recommendations and implemented changes from the old setup we had, and they started paying off within a month. Our Google Ads budget is spend much better now. This way, his fee pays for itself.

I appreciate how he thinks beyond what is asked and really helps you get the most for your business. He is patient and knowledgeable and explains his strategy and recommendations in a way that helps the whole team understand. Which is especially great when you need to get multiple stakeholders on board.”

“Jeroen is a pleasure to work with, professional and efficient. Very pro-active in optimising our Google Ads and within only a couple of months we’ve seen great results significantly reducing our cost per conversion and increasing our overall conversion rate. Recommendations and regular reports are very clear.

I look forward to continue working with Jeroen and would highly recommend Vazooky’s services.”

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