Google Tag Manager.

Improve your website tag management. Hire an experienced GTM consultant today and get cleaner data to analyse.

As a Google Tag Manager (GTM) specialist, Vazooky Digital helps businesses to get more results out of their website. With years of experience in data-driven digital marketing, Vazooky Digital can help you to improve your tag management and speed up your website.

About Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool that makes it easier to add and update tracking tags within your website. 

With GTM you can manage your website tags without needing to update your website code every single time. Setting up GTM will have a positive impact on your website and is a must-have for every business.

  • Speed up your website by cleaning up your website code.
  • Reduce your web developer time and cost.
  • Add codes for Google Analytics, Google Ads, FB Ads etc.
  • Make updating and adding tracking tags a piece of cake.

If you need help with Google Tag Manager, feel free to reach out.

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  • One clear up-front fee for the setup of your tracking, so there will be no surprises.
  • Years of experience in data-driven digital marketing for a large range of businesses.
  • You own the GTM account and all the data is yours and yours only.
  • Need just a little fix? Happy to help you on your way, free of charge.
  • No bull-shit, you will have a direct line to the specialist that works on your account.
  • No locked-in contracts. As high-quality work should be enough to keep you around.

Google Tag Manager specialist.

“Highly recommend Jeroen at Vazooky. He made recommendations and implemented changes from the old setup we had, and they started paying off within a month. Our Google Ads budget is spend much better now. This way, his fee pays for itself. I appreciate how he thinks beyond what is asked and really helps you get

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