Lead Generation For Education.

Google Ads is one of the most efficient ways to get leads for your education business. Target your service area and only pay when people actually visit your website.

Google Ads For Education

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is a highly efficient way to get more leads for your education business.

Compared to more traditional ways of advertising it’s far better targeted, as you only show your ad when people are actively searching for your service. This reduces unnecessary marketing spend and makes it more likely that people will contact you.

Vazooky Digital is a certified Google partner. We help education businesses across Australia to get maximum results out of their Google Ads campaigns.

How Google Ads Works

How Google Ads works step 2

1. Search

Potential clients visit Google to search for a local plumber.

How Google Ads works step 1

2. Find

Your ad is shown on Google and they click to visit your website.

3. Convert

They provide you with all the lead details you need to follow up with them.

Vazooky digital has been supporting us for 6 months now, and has made some impressive inroads into driving CPA’s down, whilst increasing and growing our reach across the industry.

Nick W., Founder & CEO of Checked Australia

Why Vazooky Digital?

Flexible month-to-month agreements. No locked-in contracts.

Years of experience in running high-quality Google Ads campaigns.

You’ll get full access to the Google Ads account. 100% transparency.

Standard website and conversion tracking are always included.

You will have a direct line to the Google Ads specialist that works on your account.

All Google Ads campaigns are managed in-house by Vazooky Digital.

Frequently Asked Questions

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