PPC & Google Ads Consultant.

Hi, my name is Jeroen and I am a Google Ads consultant.

I can provide you with the quality, experience and support needed to make your campaigns profitable and scalable.

If you need help with your Google Ads campaigns, feel free to reach out.

As a Google Ads consultant, I am a certified Google Partner. This means that I help businesses across Australia to get maximum results out of their Google Ads campaigns.

Being a certified Google Partner means that I meet the standards that Google has set out for Google Ads consultants.

As a Google Ads consultant, I have years of experience in helping advertisers getting the most out of Google Ads.

Working with companies of all sizes

Join some great Australian businesses that have been using my Google Ads consultancy services.

Helping businesses to succeed online...

I have been working as a Google Ads consultant since 2008.

  • Flexible month-to-month agreements. No locked-in contracts.
  • Years of experience in running high-quality Google Ads campaigns.
  • You’ll get full access to the Google Ads account. 100% transparency.
  • Standard website and conversion tracking are always included.
  • You will have a direct line to the Google Ads consultant that works on your account.
  • All Google Ads campaigns are managed in-house by Jeroen Minks, an experienced Google Ads consultant.

As a Google Ads consultant in Sydney, I can help you to get more conversions out of your Google Ads budget.  There are 2 parts of the service that I offer.

➀ Campaign setup

During the campaign set-up, you have the chance to give feedback so that we can add or remove before we push things live.

➁ Ongoing optimisation

Then, once we launch the campaigns we start optimising based on the data. 

To get maximum results out of your budget it's key to set up campaigns the right way, and then actively optimise them based on data.

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