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Google Ads & PPC Freelancer Adelaide

Use a data-driven approach for your Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Hire a freelance Google Ads specialist and get more results out your budget.
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Google Ads (AdWords) Freelancer Adelaide

Hi there, my name is Jeroen Minks and as a freelance Google Ads/AdWords & PPC specialist I help Adelaide businesses to succeed online. 

I use a data-driven approach to all PPC campaigns to get maximum results out of your budget. I offer high-quality campaign setup and ongoing optimisation to make sure that every dollar of your budget is spent wisely. 

With years of experience in managing PPC campaigns, I can provide you with the quality, experience and support needed to make your campaigns profitable and scalable.

Why Vazooky Digital?

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Flexible month-to-month agreements. No locked-in contracts.

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Years of experience in running high-quality campaigns for many advertisers.

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You'll get full access to the Google Ads account. 100% transparency.

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Standard website and conversion tracking are always included.

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You will have a direct line to the specialist that works on your account.

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There's no outsourcing. All campaigns are managed in-house by Vazooky Digital.

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"Jeroen has a superior understanding of everything search - campaign management, tracking and analytics, landing pages and conversion rate optimisation. A real search superstar."

- Clancy Clarke, Head of Marketing at DesignCrowd

Official Google Partner Adelaide

As a freelance Google Ads specialist, I am a certified Google Partner

This means that I comply with the standards that Google sets for digital agencies. Google Ads is the advertising platform of Google, formerly known as Google AdWords. Via Google Ads, you can show ads on Google Search, as well as the Google Display Network (GDN). 

As an official Google Partner, I help businesses in Adelaide to succeed online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC advertising?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is an online advertising model that lets advertisers pay only when an ad is clicked. 

Google Ads is one of the most common platforms that use the PPC method. However, many other online advertising platforms are using the same method.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads uses a disguised auction model. Each advertiser can put in a bid of how much they are maximum willing to pay for a click on a particular keyword. 

Based on a complicated algorithm (which takes into account multiple factors like the bid and relevancy) Google decides the ad ranking of each advertiser.

What does a Google Ads freelancer do?

I'm one of Australia's most experienced Google Ads specialists and have worked for fast-growing companies like DesignCrowd and SiteMinder. 

As a Google Ads freelancer, I can provide you with the quality, experience and support needed to make your campaigns profitable and scalable.

How to get maximum results out of Google Ads?

Google Ads can be a very powerful tool to send quality visitors to your site that actually convert! 

To get maximum results out of your budget it's key to set up campaigns the right way, and then actively optimise them based on data.