Not sure if you're getting maximum results out of your Google Ads campaigns? Get a free Google Ads audit.

Free Google Ads Audit 

Not sure if you're getting maximum results out of your Google Ads campaigns? Let a qualified Google Partner have a look at your account. You will receive quick tips on how to improve your Google Ads account. No strings attached!
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Whether you are managing your account yourself, or if you are using another digital agency. A Google Ads account audit can give you peace of mind to make sure you are getting maximum results out of your campaigns. 

Vazooky Digital is a qualified Google Partner with years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns for a large range of businesses. We are more than happy to have a peek at your Google Ads account and let you know if and what you can improve. 

What's included in the Google Ads audit?

For the Google Ads audit, we will be doing a deep dive into your Google Ads account. 

We will be looking at many facets of your account, including:

Campaign structure

Is your account set up the right way, to make it as easy as possible to optimise and get maximum results?

Wasted Spend

Are all the settings as they should be? Is there any wasted spend by having the wrong settings or targeting?

Conversion tracking

Is the conversion tracking working properly and are all the goals being tracked? Is all data made available?

Testing & Optimisation

Are the campaigns optimised properly? Is there a good basis to test and optimise all parts of the campaigns?


Are there enough keywords in the account and are they triggering the right search queries?

Quality Score

What are the quick wins to improve the Quality Scores of the campaigns and reduce the cost-per-click?

After just two months leads from Google increased with 216% while cost per lead decreased with 31%.

Get a Free Google Ads Audit

For the free account audit, we will need to temporarily link your Google Ads account underneath the Vazooky Digital account.

To do this I'll need the 10-digit account number that you can find in the top right-hand corner after you're logged in to Google Ads.

No changes will be made to your account and you can unlink at any time.

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