4 Reasons Why You Should Advertise On Your Brand Name In Google Ads

We often get the question why a client should advertise on their own branded term in Google Ads.

They already have an organic top ranking for this search query, why would they pay for people to click on their ad instead?

There’s a few benefits of advertising on your own branded term, as listed out below: 

1. As branded keywords are highly relevant, the cost per click that we’ll have to pay for these are very low

First of all, branded keywords are the most relevant keywords in your account.

Therefore, you will have a higher Quality Score (relevance factor). This means that the cost per click will be relatively low.

So you won’t pay the highest price for your branded clicks anyway.

2. They have a positive impact on your account’s Quality Score

As they’re very relevant they have a positive impact on the Quality Score of your entire account.

This means that for all the non-branded keywords you will have a higher ranking and decrease their cost per click.

From a campaign management point of view, this is the main reason why I would always recommend to advertise on your branded term.

3. Competitors are allowed to advertise on your brand

Even though you might decide not to advertise on your brand, this doesn’t mean your competitors won’t!

Winning athlete to show how competitors advertise on your brand in Google Ads.

Within Australia all advertisers are able to use your brand name as a keyword in their account.

This means that if a potential customer types in your brand name in Google, they might see one of your competitors first. Yikes!

4. You have more control over the messaging that you want to promote

Although you’re able to instruct Google with meta tags what to show in your organic listing, there’s no guarantee. Google could use anything from your site to show in the search engine.

Having your ad showing first gives you far more control over the messaging you want to promote. Because of that you’ll be able to add offers, promote different USP’s and even test different landing pages other than your homepage.


To sum it up, advertising on your brand name will give you far more control and has a positive impact on the performance of all the keywords in your account.

Because of the relative low cost per click that you’ll have to pay makes it a no-brainer to advertise on your branded term.

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By Jeroen

Having worked as a PPC freelancer for many years, Jeroen helps businesses to get more results out of their online advertising budgets.

He is the founder of Vazooky Digital, a Google Ads agency in Sydney, Australia.

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