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How To Filter Fake Traffic From Your Google Analytics Account

Great news! You just looked in your Google Analytics and it seems like – all of the sudden – you’re getting a lot of extra visitors to your site.

You drill further into your Google Analytics reporting dashboard to see where these visitors are coming from and notice that these visitors are coming from other countries.

Huh?! What are these visitors doing on your site?

Unfortunately, this is a very common issue within Google Analytics.

By default, the tool is likely to track all kinds of traffic on your site. This includes bots, spam and all other kinds of fake traffic that you don’t want in your reports!

Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders

Thank god Google Analytics has a setting that you can use to easily filter out bot traffic from your reporting.

To enable this, login into your Google Analytics account go to Admin > View > View Settings. Scroll down and under Bot Filtering you will need to select the following box:

Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders

 Screenshot how to exclude bots and spiders from Google Analytics.

If you have multiple views in your Google Analytics account you will need to take this step for each one of them.

Filter out known spam traffic

For any remaining spam traffic, you will need to create a filter.

Within the same Admin window go to View > Filters and then press the button that says Add Filter. To filter out any known spam at the moment of writing this article you can use the following settings:

Filter name: Referral spam

Filter type: Predefined

Exclude traffic to the hostname that contains


Screenshot of how to filter out spam from Google Analytics.

Make sure you do this for each of the Views you have in your account.

Filter out remaining spam traffic

To filter out spam traffic that is specific to your account you will need to drill into your Google Analytics reports.

Go to Acquisition > All traffic > Referrals and copy paste the sources that are spam into the Hostname field of the previous step. Make sure there’s a vertical bar in between each of the sources that you add.

Your hostname field should then look as follow:|||

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My Google Analytics looks weird?

There might be some fake traffic in your account. Read our article to find how to fix this.

Can I remove referral spam and fake traffic from Google Analytics?

Yes you can. You are able to create filters in Google Analytics to make sure there's no referral spam and fake traffic in your account.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that can give you most of the information you need to optimise your website. It’s the most popular web analytics tool around and is known to be easy to use and reliable. Made for small and medium-sized websites to give them an opportunity to track, analyse and improve their online presence.

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics works based on a piece of tracking code that is being placed on every page of your website.

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