Google Grants For Charities: Get Free Advertising For Your Charity

Google Ads offers $10,000 USD free advertising to eligible charities.

Through the Google Ad Grant program, charities can get more visibility on Google Search for free.

Logo of Google Ad Grants.

How to qualify for Google Grants

To get free advertising on Google your charity needs to:

  • Apply for the Google Grant program. 

  • Hold a valid charity status.

  • Agree to Google’s required certifications.

Limitations of Google Grant accounts

Although charities can apply for a Google Grant account for free, there are unique limitations once you have access to the program.

The main limitation is that there’s a maximum bid limit of $2 USD per keyword. So if you have keywords that are performing well for your charity, you won’t be able to increase your bids in order to improve your ad rankings.

After that, you will only be able to run campaigns on Google Search (so excluding the search network) meaning you can only target based on keywords and can only use text ads.

The application for Google Grants can take quite some time before getting approved. If you need any help to get started or improving your Google Grant accounts feel free to get in touch.

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