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What Is Google Analytics And How Does It Work?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that can give you most of the information you need to optimise your website.

It’s the most popular web analytics tool around and is known to be easy to use and reliable. Made for small and medium-sized websites to give them an opportunity to track, analyse and improve their online presence.

How does Google Analytics work?

Analytics works based on a piece of tracking code that is being placed on every page of your website.

Screenshot of Google Analytics tracking code.

Example of the Google Analytics tracking code snippet that you need to add to your site.

Then, based on this piece of code, Google Analytics tracks everything that happens on your site.


Example of the process of Google Analytics.

The process of Google Analytics explained.

Benefits of Google Analytics

With Analytics you can find the following:

See where your visitors are coming from.
Are they coming directly to your site or are they clicking on one of your search ads? Maybe they are they coming from Google organic or maybe they clicked on one of the emails you’ve sent out?

See which pages your visitors have visited.
Which services or products did your visitor looked at?

See how long your visitors spend on each page.
Are they highly engaged with your content or did they left straight away?

Track key conversion points on your site.
Did your visitors fill in a contact form? You can also see from which source these conversions are coming from.

Add value to each of these conversions.
You can set up e-commerce tracking to see your exact revenue and tie this back to the original source. That way you can calculate the ROI of each of your advertising campaigns.

Visualise your data.
You can create a dashboard with all the information you need on a regular basis to keep track of your website. Even if you’re not a Google Analytics pro you can still get to know what’s going on!

Google Analytics is a great (and free!) tool to track your website. Need any help getting started? Feel free to get in touch.



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