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Google AdWords Re-Brands To Google Ads

Google decided to change the name for Google AdWords. Alongside the changes to the AdWords platform there will be a rebranding for the DoubleClick platform as well.

The changes that will be made:

  • Google AdWords will change to Google Ads,

  • DoubleClick Search, Bid Manager and Campaign Manager will, together, be called Google Marketing Platform,

  • DoubleClick for Publishers and Ad Exchanged will be called Google Ad Manager.

So far this will only be a name and logo change. No big changes to the platforms will be made yet and all the campaigns that you’ve set up will continue to keep running as normal.

The new interface to has been in beta phase for the last few months will be rolled out as part of this, however most advertisers has already been using this. 

Have a look at the announcement on Search Engine Land for more information.

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