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What Is FBCLID In Google Analytics (And How To Remove It)?

So, you are browsing around your Google Analytics report and notice the following. Some of your pages have an FBCLID parameter attached to their URL.

What is the FBCLID parameter?

If the FBCLID is popping up your Google Analytics reports, there’s a big chance that you have promoted your website via Facebook and/or Instagram. That, or someone else is promoting your page via the network.

FBCLID is a Facebook parameter. Facebook uses it as a click identifier and automatically attaches it to any outgoing links from the Facebook platform.

Why its an issue in Google Analytics

Now, the FBCLID is great for Facebook. It allows the platform to assign a unique ID to each individual click. However, since the parameter is visible in the URL this could make your Google Analytics very messy.

Each time someone visits your website via Facebook they will technically visit a different URL, and since Google Analytics works based on URLs it will be logged as a separate page within your reports.

Screenshot of page report in Google Analytics that shows FBCLID in URL.

It will make it impossible to run your reports and analyse your data.

Therefore, I would recommend everyone to filter out the FBCLID from their Google Analytics reports.

How to remove the FBCLID from Google Analytics

If you’re reading this you probably want to clean up your Google Analytics and get rid of the FBCLID parameter in your reports.

To do this, you will have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go into the admin area of your Google Analytics account.
  2. Go into the “View Settings” of your main view.
  3. Scroll down and add “fbclid” to the Exclude URL Query Parameters.
  4. Click “Save”

Please note, that these steps are to exclude the parameter from Universal Analytics. If you are already using the new GA4, please follow the steps in our article on how to exclude all query strings from your GA4 reporting.

Step 1

First, go into the admin area of your Google Analytics account. You can get here by logging in via and scroll down to your bottom left.

Admin area in Google Analytics.

Step 2

Then, go into the “View Settings” of your main view.

Step 3

Scroll down and add “fbclid” to the Exclude URL Query Paramaters.

Step 4

Click “Save”.

That’s it! Make sure you repeat these steps for each active view of your Google Analytics account.


The FBCLID parameter can cause some issues within your Google Analytics. Therefore, it’s recommended to exclude these from your reporting.

Luckily, it’s an easy thing to do. Follow the step-by-step guide above to exclude this from your Google Analytics.

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