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Case Study: Local and Small Business Gets More Leads

A local and small business has not been very active online.

Their website only received a few visitors per week and had generated no leads so far.

Seeing the potential of digital marketing at direct competitors, they decided to be more proactive and use Google Ads to send quality traffic to their website.


After 6 months their website is generating 10-15 leads per month. Google Ads turned out to be a very useful marketing channel for them. Even with a relatively small budget, they’ve been able to make the channel profitable.

What I Did

As their website had a very basic setup we needed to get an understanding of how well their website is currently performing. I started with setting up some proper website tracking:

  • Installed Google Analytics to understand how many people visited their website.

  • Set up goals in Google Analytics to understand how many of those people fill in the contact form.

  • Set up a new Google Ads account to send quality traffic to their site, using localised targeting to make sure ads only showed for people within their target market.

  • Created a new landing page on their site to improve the conversion rate.

  • Set up call tracking to track how many phone call leads are coming from the website.


For Google Ads, we started off with a small budget to be on the safe side. Once we received data we were able to recalculate their budget based on the following:

  • Understanding how well the leads are converting (percentage of leads that convert into an actual sale).

  • Understanding the lifetime value of each of these new customers (revenue).

After a few months, they decide to increase the monthly budget to get even more leads.




monthly leads from Google Ads


accurate website tracking

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By Jeroen

Having worked as a PPC freelancer for many years, Jeroen helps businesses to get more results out of their online advertising budgets.

He is the founder of Vazooky Digital, a Google Ads agency in Sydney, Australia.

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