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Case Study: +66% More Sales For a Tech Startup

An Australian tech startup had been using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for a few years as the single largest sales channel.

At the moment they were struggling to achieve profitable growth. Their SEM account showed little improvement in key metrics over the previous year.


Sales increased with 66% after twelve months, while Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) decreased with 11%. These results were an important part of realising a Series B funding for the company.

What I Did


After taking charge I started to completely re-structure their account based on the existing data:

  • Created campaigns for branded keywords, generic keywords and each one of their services

  • Split out campaigns based on location and device targeting

  • Conducted keyword analysis and significantly expanded their keyword list

Ongoing Optimisation

From there I started to optimise their SEM account on an ongoing basis:

  • Created a custom attribution model and optimised the bids of all keywords

  • Setup a testing structure and continuously optimised their ad copy’s and landing pages

  • Pulled keyword data and expanded their keyword and negative keyword lists

  • Analysed overall site traffic and consulted on product changes


By improving the targeting and relevancy of the campaigns, key metrics improved significantly after 12 months:


increase in sales


decrease in CPA


increase in CVR


increase in CTR


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By Jeroen

Having worked as a PPC freelancer for many years, Jeroen helps businesses to get more results out of their online advertising budgets.

He is the founder of Vazooky Digital, a Google Ads agency in Sydney, Australia.

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