Bing Ads Re-Brands To Microsoft Advertising

Following to Google’s recent re-branding (AdWords to Google Ads), Microsoft has decided to a similar thing.

Going forward, Bings Ads will be known as Microsoft Advertising.

What is changing?

At first, Microsoft announces that this will be a starting point and that we can expect a bunch of changes to the platform in the near future. The first changes are to the Microsoft Audience Network, which has been launched last year. 

See the official announcement on the Microsoft blog.

Hopefully, Microsoft will make sure that their platform will improve the usability to get closer to the industry standard set by Google. As for now, Google is still leading in comparison to Microsoft both in reach and usability of the platform.



Jeroen Minks

With over 10 years experience in digital marketing, Jeroen helps businesses to get more results out of their online advertising budgets.