How Ad Extensions Can Boost Your Google Ads Campaigns

At the end of the day, the only thing that is visible to your potential customers is your text ad.

And your ad extensions are (and should be) an important part of that.

Your potential customer can’t see how well your campaigns are structured or how large your keyword list is. He/she doesn’t care about your location targeting or the bidding strategy that you use.

Your text ads decide if that potential customer will click your ad.

Why you should use ad extensions

Ad extensions expand your ad with relevant information. You can give your potential customers more reasons to click and become an actual customer.

Simply put you will get more real estate in the search results. So, when done correctly the will have a positive impact on your click-through rate (CTR).

Also, Google announced that the ad extensions are one of the factors it uses to calculate the Quality Score.

Now, maybe not all ad extensions will be relevant for your business. However, it is highly recommended to add all the ones that are relevant to your campaigns.

How Google decides to show ad extensions

Even though it is recommended to add the ad extensions, Google won’t always show them.

Only if your ad rank is high enough your ad extensions might show.

We noticed that it mainly depends on the Quality Score of your account and the competitive nature of the keyword.

So when your Google Ads campaigns are well-structured and you are getting high Quality Scores, it is more likely that the ad extensions will show.

Also, on less competitive terms (like branded terms) you will notice that the ad extensions will show more frequently. For more competitive terms the ad extensions will still show however, this is often a stripped down version of them.

The ad extensions you should ALWAYS add

Well, the following ad extensions are the ones that are applicable to almost every business out there. Not adding these would be holding back the performance of your campaigns:

  • Sitelinks
  • Callout extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions
The most important ad extensions.

Sitelinks are the extra links that show up underneath the main ad. For generic keywords, you can use them to link to specific product pages. For more specific keywords, you can promote pages like your testimonials page, about page or contact page.

The sitelinks have the option to add 2 descriptions lines. Although these don’t always show up, you should always add these in case Google decides to show these. It will further expand your ad. It’s recommended to add at least 4 sitelinks to your ad.

Callout extensions are basically your USP’s. The will show up in bullet point style within your ad. You should add at least three of these to your campaigns.

Structured snippets are a list of the types of products, services, locations, models etcetera that you are offering. Only 1 will show up with your ad however, they contain multiple values. You can add up to 10 values however, Google will likely cut them off in the search results. It is recommended to put the most important values in the front of the list so that they are less likely to be cut off.

Extra ad extensions that might be useful for your business

Depending on your business type, you might want to add the following ad extensions:

  • Call extensions
  • App extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Price extensions
  • Promotion extensions

Call extensions allow you to add a phone call to your ad. Also, when running mobile ads you will be able to add a click-to-call button to your ad. Customers will then be able to call your business with one click. Make sure you set up your phone call tracking!

If you are promoting an app, you definitely want to add the app extension. It will add a button to your ad that will send visitors directly to the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Location extensions will display your business address within your ad. To do this, you will first need to create a Google business listing. Once you linked this to Google Ads, you will be able to show the location extensions.

If you have clear prices that you would like to share with your customers, you can add the price extensions. You are able to add multiple products or services and show their prices within your ad.

When you are running discounts, you can add a promotion extension to your campaigns. They will show the type of discount you offer and when it runs out. You can also select the occasion from a long list available from Google (eg. Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc.).

Extra options for ad extensions

Most ad extensions will have to option to schedule when you would want to be displayed.

For example, if your business is only able to take phone calls from 9 to 5, it makes sense to turn off the call extensions outside these hours.

Also, if you are running a promotion that runs out on a certain date, you can make sure it’s automatically paused after this date.


Adding ad extensions will allow you to get more real estate in the Google search results.

Every Google Ads advertiser should be adding at least a few of them to their campaigns.


What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s pay per click (PPC) advertising platform, formerly known as Google AdWords. By using Google Ads you can reach potential customers on the Google Search and Display Network.

What are some ad extensions?

Sitelinks, location extensions, structured snippets, call extensions.

How does the Google ad auction work?

Google uses hundreds of factors to decide the ad ranking and this is being re-calculated for each search query. In general, Google looks at the bid and the relevancy of each advertiser for a particular keyword.

How can I improve my Quality Score?

If you can increase the relevance of your campaign, you will get higher Quality Scores. This will significantly decrease your cost per click so that you can squeeze more clicks and conversions out of your budget.

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