4 Reasons To Use Google Ads For Your Real Estate Agency

Google AdWords Google Ads allows you to show ads on Google Search. Whenever potential customers are searching for real estate related search queries your ad pops up.

It’s the most targeted way of advertising. You will have the ability to only show your ad when someone is actively searching to sell or buy a house.

Because of the return of investment, it’s one of the favourite ways of advertising for real estate agencies.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use Google Ads for your real estate agency:

Reason 1: You only have to pay for an actual click to your site

Unlike other types of advertising, Google Ads will only charge you when someone clicks on your ad. It’s free to have your ad showed, as long as no one clicks on it.

For real estate agencies, this is great as it means that if people are not interested in your service (and thus don’t click on your ad) you don’t get charged for it.

A lot of other types of advertising (think about local magazines, flyers, event sponsoring etc) often charge a flat fee to have your logo or ad shown. You don’t know if there will be a return on investment. Google Ads makes it a lot easier and fairer for a real estate agent.

Reason 2: You only have to target people that are within your location area

If you’re a local real estate agent there’s no point in showing your ad Australia wide.

Happy buyers for real estate agency thanks to Google Ads.

Google Ads allows you to show your ad only to people that are located within a certain suburb. That way you won’t be spending money on people that will definitely not become a client.

It’s often recommended to set up 2 different types of campaigns. The first one will only be targeting the suburbs that you serve (using location/radius targeting). You can use more generic keywords (eg. keywords like “real estate agents”, “selling house” etc.).

The second campaign will target a larger area (like Sydney). You can use keywords that contain the suburb (eg. “real estate agent manly”, “real estate agency sydney cbd” etc.).

That way your ad will show to people that might physically be located outside your target area, however looking specifically for your services.

Reason 3: You can track all your leads, including phone calls

Google Ads has the option to use a Google forwarding number on your site. That way you can see exactly which keyword converted into a lead and you can optimise your campaigns based on this data.

Tracking phone calls was a big issue a few years ago however, Google came up with a great solution to 
track your calls from your AdWords campaigns.

It’s fairly easy to set this up but can have a critical impact on the way you can optimise your AdWords campaigns.

Reason 4: Easily calculate your return on investment

Once you’re tracking all of your leads it will be fairly easy to calculate your return on investment to make sure you make a positive return on your advertising spend.

You’ll be able to see on a keyword level which keywords are converting and which keywords are just spending money without getting results. Based on that data you can optimise your campaigns to make sure you get more leads out of your budget.

Because of the way the platform works, Google Ads is a great tool for real estate agencies that want to get more leads for a relatively low cost per lead.

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