4 Landing Page Tools For You To Use

Landing pages can have a positive impact on the ROI of your advertising campaigns.

By constantly testing and tweaking your landing pages you can significantly improve the conversion rate of your website.

Here are 4 landing page tools that you could use to make this testing easier:

1. Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the best landing page tools out there.

Once you added a snippet to your site you can use the drag and drop function to easily make changes to your page. So you can change you call-to-action or just tweak your headline a bit. You can make multiple variations of the same page and decide which percentage of visitors you’d like to send to each variation.

Multiple umbrellas showing variations of landing page testing.

Optimizely allows you to set up different goals and see how well your variations are performing across all of them. You can also set up multi-page testing, which might come in handy if you want to include several steps of your funnel into 1 single test.

2. Google Optimize

Google Optimize works quit similar as Optimizely. The standard version of the platform is even free! If you want to get more advanced you can upgrade to Optimize 360, which is the paid version.

As it’s a Google product it seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, so you can import data from Google Analytics straight into Google Optimize.

3. Instapage

Instapage works different than Optimizely and Google Optimize. It’s more of a landing page creation tool, so it’s a lot easier to build your landing pages from scratch. The more expensive versions do have a testing functionality tho, so you can set up different variations of the same page.

The platform provides hundreds of templates that you can use to build your page. You can also create a page from scratch. The drag and drop function makes it easy to create section of your page and add your own personal content.

4. Unbounce

Similar as Instapage, Unbounce is a landing page creation tool. They have a large template gallery as well. It’s the most well-known landing page creation tool and is used by the bigger brands.

Software like these helps to increase the conversion rate of your Google Ads campaigns.

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