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Vazooky Digital is an official Google Partner based on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. 

The Google Partners program is an official certification that is awarded to individuals and agencies that have a proven track record of managing Google Ads campaigns and passed the Google exams. Vazooky Digital has hold an individual certification since 2008

To maintain the Google certificate an agency is required to use a high standard of Google Ads account management, by following best practices and improving account performance.

What does it mean to be a Google Partner?

Being a Google Partner means that Vazooky Digital comply to standard that Google sets for digital agencies.

Google Badge

By showing the official Google Partners badge, Vazooky Digital proves to comply with the highest standards.

Spend Requirement

To remained certified Vazooky Digital needs to show that it has a healthy amount of activity across managed accounts.

Great Optimisation

Vazooky Digital needs to maintain a high optimisation standard across managed accounts, following best practices.

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After just two months leads from Google increased with 216% while cost per lead decreased with 31%.

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