Free Google Ads review.

Hi there, my name is Jeroen Minks! I’m a freelance digital marketing specialist and the guy behind Vazooky Digital.

I am now offering free Google Ads account reviews for businesses with lower budgets.

There are no strings attached and I won’t try to sell you any of my services! I might ask you to leave me an honest review, but that’s it! Sounds fair right?

What can you expect?

I will do a deep dive into your account and give you some bullet points on what you can improve. Easy-to-understand and honest advice that you can implement straight away.

How to get started?

I need a few details from you, which include the 10-digit Google Ads account ID. I will then send you a request to link our accounts. You are able to unlink at any time.

Just to be clear, I won’t be making any changes to your existing campaigns. I will only give you advice on how you can improve things.

Sounds good?

Just fill in the form below to get started.

Jeroen Minks

Jeroen Minks

Digital Marketing Specialist