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Success Stories

Have a look at the below success stories. 

Digital Marketing Case Studies

I have almost ten years experience in running online advertising campaigns for different types of advertisers. From small and medium businesses with small budgets to tech startups and SaaS companies with large budgets and world wide targeting.

Achieving Profitable Growth for a Tech Startup

+66% More Sales

After Twelve Months
An Australian tech startup had been using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for a few years as the single largest sales channel. At the moment they were struggling to achieve profitable growth. Their SEM account showed little improvement on key metrics over the previous year.

After taking charge of their SEM campaigns I started to completely re-structure their campaigns based on the existing data in the account:
- Created campaigns for branded keywords, generic keywords and each of their services.
- Split out campaigns based on location and device targeting.
- Conducted keyword analysis and significantly expanded their keyword list.
- Added different match types to their account.
- Created negative keywords lists.

From there I started to optimise their SEM account:
- Created a custom attribution model and on an ongoing basis optimised the bids of all keywords in their account.
- Setup an ad testing structure and continuously tested and optimised their ad copy’s.
- Tested and optimised their ad extensions.
- Pulled keyword data and expanded their keyword list on an ongoing basis.
- Further expanded their negative keyword lists.
- Created A/B tests to improve their landing pages.
- Analysed overall site traffic and consulted on product changes in order to increase SEM volume.
By improving the targeting and relevancy of the campaigns, key metrics improved significantly after 12 months:

Increase In Sales


Increase In CVR


Decrease In CPA


Increase In CTR

Expanding Reach To Get The Full Potential Out Of SEM

+216% More Leads

After Just Two Months
A large SaaS organisation was not getting the full potential out of their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. Basic setup and almost no optimisation was limiting the growth of the channel and therefore making SEM a relatively low priority for the business. 

Quick wins:
- Directly made quick wins to the current account setup to illuminate unprofitable spend.
- Improved AdWords tracking and attribution to collect more valuable data.

Restructuring and expanding:
- Restructured AdWords accounts to split out campaigns based on product, location and brand.
- Expanded keyword list from 750 to 50,000+ keywords per location and brand.
- Launched Bing Ads campaigns.

Going forward:
- Set up an ongoing optimisation schedule to optimise keywords, bids, Quality Score, ad copy’s and landing pages.
- Analysed historical marketing ROI to make CPA and budget recommendations.

By expanding the reach and restructuring their AdWords account, key metrics improved significantly after just 2 months:

Increase In SEM Leads


Increase In SEM ROI


Decrease In Cost Per Lead

KeyWords Per Location

Why Vazooky Digital?

As a freelance Google AdWords specialist, Vazooky Digital can help you to get more conversions out of your AdWords budget.  

Standard Monthly Fee

One clear fee for the management of your online advertising campaigns.

Tracking Included

Standard website and conversion tracking is always included.

Expert Knowledge

Ten years experience of running campaigns for a large range of advertisers.

No Minimum Spend

No spend requirement as I like helping small businesses getting started online.

Full Transparancy

You own the advertising accounts and can see all the changes that are being made.

No Locked In Contracts

As quality work and profitable campaigns should be enough to keep you around.