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Track Phone Call Leads From Your AdWords Campaign

If phone calls are important for you business we can set up phone call tracking to see which keywords are giving you leads. This is valuable information that we can use to optimise your campaigns.

AdWords call tracking: how it works

Australia is one of the countries in which Google offers call-forwarding numbers.

There’s 2 ways to make this work:

  1. Add call extensions to your ads and select “call reporting”. Google will start showing ads with the Google call-forwarding number.

  2. By adding an extra piece of code to your site, we can swap the phone number that is displayed on your site to a Google forwarding number for all AdWords visitors. Once potential customers call this number it will instantly be forwarded to your original phone number.

On your site the call-forwarding will show a localised phone number. So if you’re business is located in Sydney and you’re using a Sydney based phone number, the new call-forwarding number will start with (02) as well. If you’re business is in Melbourne, it will start with (03).

As Google will have access to a large but limited amount of phone numbers, you will need a certain amount of impressions in each ad group first to make the call-forwarding work.

The phone calls will be recorded in the conversion column within your AdWords reporting. Together with any other conversion points that you’re tracking, these will provide valuable data which you can use to optimise your campaign.

Video: tracking when ads lead to customer calls

Need any help with setting up call tracking for your AdWords campaigns? Feel free to get in touch.



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