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How Google AdWords COULD Help You To Boost Your Organic Rankings

First of all, this article does not intent to give the impression that there’s a direct link between your organic rankings and AdWords. Google keeps paid and organic completely separated from each other, which means that advertising on AdWords will not give you a higher organic listing.

However, there are some ways how AdWords could indirectly influence your organic rankings.

Using AdWords data as a guidance to improve your SEO

Since the moment that Google Analytics stopped showing search query data for Google organic, it became a lot harder for SEO specialists to find guidance to boost their organic rankings.

If you’re running Google AdWords campaigns you have a access to a great deal of keyword data that you can use for your SEO strategy. Keywords that are performing well for Google AdWords (decent search volume, high conversion rate) are likely to perform well for organic as well.

Also, if you enable and use the paid & organic report in Google AdWords you’ll be able to see which keywords you’re organically listed for (alongside your AdWords text ads).

More visits from AdWords lead to more mentions

Not just limited to Google AdWords, but also all other sources that send traffic to your site. The more visitors you get to your site, the more likely these visitors will share your content across the web. This can potentially help your link building and grow your online authority, which can then help you to improve your organic rankings.

Higher CTR from previous visitors

Once people visited your site through Google AdWords they’re (hopefully) familiar with your brand. If they continue to search for terms that are related to your website and see your organic listing, they’re more likely to click. This will improve your CTR for that search query, which is one of the (many) factors that Google take in account to decide the organic rankings.

The inspiration for this article came from Rand Fishin’s whiteboard friday about How Google AdWords (PPC) Does and Doesn’t Affect Organic Results which I recommend watching as well.



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