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About Me

Vazooky Digital = Jeroen Minks 

Hi there! My name is Jeroen Minks and I'm the guy behind Vazooky Digital. I believe that all advertising can (and should be) actively optimised based on data.

What do I know about it? 

I spent years managing online advertising campaigns for all different types of advertisers. From local businesses to large e-commerce sites and tech startups. Working with small budgets and regional targeting to worldwide advertising campaigns with a multi-million dollar annual budget. 

Over the years I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. This gives a great starting point when setting up new campaigns. However, every product and business is different. The only way to find out what really works best in each scenario is by constantly testing, tweaking and improving the campaigns.

Now I share my knowledge and techniques with small and medium businesses looking to get maximum result out of their online marketing budgets. 


I offer end-to-end management of online advertising campaigns. No set and forget, but high quality setup and ongoing optimisation to make sure that every dollar is spent wisely. I help businesses to calculate ROI and set their goals and budgets, so that we can manage and meet the expectations. 

I also ensure that tracking is set up properly, so that we can make optimise and make decisions based on the right data. 

So who am I, really? 

Dutch by birth and in heart, but living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Football enthusiast, pizza lover, happy socks wearer, “oil balls” master, Dylan listener, Ajax fan. 

And 10 years experience in online advertising. 

Are you not convinced that you’re getting maximum result out of your online advertising at the moment? Get in touch. I’d be happy to have a look at your current AdWords setup to see what you can improve. No strings attached. 

Feel free to connect with me:
Jeroen Minks
Digital Marketing Specialist

The Difference

With many digital agencies, consultants, specialist (and even "gurus") around, it can get quit confusing to make the right decision. Here is why I think I can add more value to your company than most others:

Great Knowledge

After 10 years I know the platforms inside out. I can help you with everything in the digital space.

No Locked In Contracts

You will never be locked in to any contracts. High quality work should be enough to keep you around.

Time and Effort

There’s no set and forget. I will be putting in the time and effort to constantly improve your online advertising campaigns.

Full Transparency

You own all the advertising and analytics accounts. So if you do decide to leave, you own all of your data.

Measuring Everything

As I’m a little bit obsessed by data (actually a lot) I will always make sure that we track as much as possible.

Clear Fees

There’s no hidden fees. All your costs are clear upfront.

“After just two months leads increased with 216% while cost per lead decreased with 31%.