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Data-Driven PPC Advertising

Hire a freelance Google AdWords specialist to get more results out your budget.

As a freelance AdWords specialist, Vazooky Digital helps small and medium sized businesses to succeed online. High quality campaign setup and ongoing optimisation to make sure that every dollar of your budget is spent wisely. 

With 10 years experience in managing online advertising campaigns for different types of advertisers, Vazooky Digital can provide you with the quality, experience and support needed to make your campaigns profitable and scaleable.

Why Vazooky Digital?

Standard Monthly Fee

One clear fee for the management of your online advertising campaigns.

Tracking Included

Standard website and conversion tracking is always included.

Expert Knowledge

Ten years experience of running campaigns for a large range of advertisers.

No Minimum Spend

No spend requirement as I like helping small businesses getting started online.

Full Transparancy

You own the advertising accounts and can see all the changes that are being made.

No Locked In Contracts

As quality work and profitable campaigns should be enough to keep you around.

After just two months leads increased with 216% while cost per lead decreased with 31%.

  • AdWords & PPC Management

    Increase Your Visibility On Google

    Target potential new customers via Google AdWords and only pay when they actually visit your website.

  • Tracking & Google Analytics

    Track Your Data

    Understand why a visitor is visiting your site. Analyse the data and improve your conversion rate.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Test & Improve Your Website

    Take your website to next level and generate more profit for your business.

Working For

Vazooky Digital works with companies that constantly want to improve their AdWords campaigns. By using best practices and 10+ years of experience we will be constantly testing and tweaking your campaigns. 

Size of business doesn't matter. Intention to grow and having a long term, honest working relationship does! Vazooky Digital works for businesses in the following industries:

B2B & Consultancy
Jobs & Education
E-commerce & Retailers
Finance & Insurance

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